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Make 2022 your best year yet and let this Moon Reading decode your destiny with precise wisdom you can’t find anywhere else!

Your September 2023 Andscape horoscope — Andscape

Get This Before It Disappears!


Get This Before It Disappears!

Make 2022 your best year yet and let this Moon Reading decode your destiny with precise wisdom you can’t find anywhere else!

Although it seems like we’ve been moving at a snail’s pace, we should gain some momentum in September with Venus retrograde coming to an end on the 3rd, and Mercury retrograde ending on the 15th. As Venus travels through passionate and confident Leo and begins picking up speed, we may discover a noticeable improvement in our confidence and self-esteem, as well as in our love life and creative expression.

As Virgo season continues, we should use this time to review and set goals, get organized, and to take care of our health and wellness. On the 14th, a new moon in Virgo arrives, giving us the chance to put some of our plans into motion. However, we’re cautioned to look before we leap as the new moon is flanked by foggy Neptune in Pisces, while analytical Mercury will still be retrograde. Moving forward may call on us to take a calculated risk or to use our discernment. That said, as we work toward our goals, we should be mindful of fear and worry. The Virgo new moon asks us to focus on what we can control and surrender the rest to the spirit.

With the arrival of Libra season on the 23rd, autumn returns as well. With the changing seasons, we may be ready to make some changes too, as the cosmic vibe of the moment encourages us to engage with our curiosity and veer off the beaten path. Through Libra, we are taught the importance of having beauty and balance in our lives and any changes we make this month may be inspired by our need for both. Meanwhile, if there’s anywhere in our lives where we’ve been making too many compromises, the full moon in tenacious Aries at the end of the month will aim to put us back in the driver’s seat.

Key Dates

New moon in Virgo — Sept. 14

Libra season begins — Sept. 22 (Pacific), Sept. 23 (Eastern)

Full moon in Aries — Sept. 29


You may not like having to move at a slower pace, but with Mercury retrograde pushing you to dot your i’s and cross your t’s, you’ll be setting yourself up for success. Harness the Virgo new moon for getting your business in order, working on your wellness goals or brushing up on your skills. The good news is that this month isn’t just all about work and responsibilities. With Venus retrograde coming to an end in your zone of fun and creativity, you should be able to find a little more levity in your life. If the summer was a dud, Venus will be in much better shape now, helping you to make up for what you missed.

Later in the month, Libra season begins and turns the focus to your partnership zone. With feisty Mars already stirring pot in this area of your life, learning how to handle conflict or your relationships in healthier ways may be a key lesson this month. Your romantic life could also get steamy with Mars and Venus working together. However, if a romantic connection or business partnership has brought you more stress than joy, you may be ready to cut the cord near the full moon in Aries.


As Venus, your planetary patron saint, goes direct, you may notice some things moving forward in your life too. If you’ve been hoping to find a new home or to redesign your space, maybe now you’ll be able to find something that fits your budget or vision. You might have also discovered better strategies for navigating family issues and dynamics. As Virgo season heightens a need for joy and creativity, this can be an ideal time to reconnect with your passion, art or your sense of fun. The new moon in Virgo will be very auspicious for creative projects, improving your love life or taking a chance on something new.

Expect Libra season to help you with creating more balance in your life, especially with work and wellness. With active Mars currently in your health zone, you may need to be careful of overworking yourself, physically or otherwise. It’s also possible that you may need to adopt a more useful wellness routine or better ways to manage stress. The Aries full moon, which illuminates your zone of rest and retreat, may show you where you need to step back from anything too draining or unfulfilling.


It’s never too fun when your ruling planet goes retrograde, and with Mercury currently retracing its steps in Virgo, your home and family life are probably some of the main sources of stress. However, retrogrades provide an opportunity to rest and reset. Much of September will give you an opportunity to check in with family and with yourself. Near the new moon in Virgo, you might be moved to deep clean your house, create an emergency preparedness kit or develop better tools for working through your emotional stuff. If you’re searching for a new home, the new moon can help as well.

As dazzling Venus picks up speed in your communication zone and Libra season spotlights your creative sector, you may be bursting with ideas or considering potential projects. This month finds you honing or sharing your artistic gifts or working on something interesting and innovative. Libra season will also bring more romance and fun your way, giving you an opportunity to enjoy yourself again. When the full moon in Aries ignites your friendship zone, you might be eager to socialize with friends or get involved with community activism.


This month could be challenging with Mercury retrograde impacting your communication zone. You may need to allow yourself (and others) more flexibility in terms of travel, scheduling and deadlines, and decision-making. As agitating Mars travels through Libra, your home zone, it could stir up drama related to your family, your roommates or other issues concerning where you live. Use Mercury retrograde to troubleshoot problems or to learn how to communicate more effectively. If you’re feeling mentally fried, use this period to slow down, put some things on hold, and redirect your focus. Wait until the new moon in Virgo for more clarity as to how to proceed forward with a plan, decision or idea. Hint: Listen to your intuition.

When Libra season begins, matters concerning your home and family are amplified once again. Perhaps it’s time to consider moving or to focus on ways you can make your space more cozy or functional. Additionally, maybe it’s time to let something from the past go so you can clear a path for something bigger and better to enter your life. The Aries full moon illuminates your zone of career and prestige, which could mark a turning point or milestone.


Now that Venus retrograde is ending, you may be feeling more self-assured and eager to channel this energy into creating your look or style for the fall. While this can be a good time to update your wardrobe or your beauty routine or schedule a cosmetic procedure, you still might want to be mindful of your wallet. With Mercury retrograde in your money zone until midmonth, you may need to keep close tabs on your coins due to budgeting constraints, banking issues or unexpected expenses.

Harness the new moon in sensible Virgo to develop a realistic budget or financial plan to improve or strengthen your finances. If you’ve been grossly underpaid or undervalued by your employer or charging your clients too little, Virgo season may be your clarion call to make sure you get your due. As planets in diplomatic Libra filter through your communication zone this month, especially once Libra season begins, they can help you ace negotiations and conversations concerning money and business. Libra season can also help you explore different avenues or ideas that can help you progress creatively or professionally. Meanwhile, the full moon in Aries could bring news or opportunity concerning, media, travel, teaching or speaking gigs or schooling.


Your birthday season may have gotten off to a bumpy start due to Mercury retrograde, but with this being a period of self-reflection and renewal, take this time as an opportunity to adopt a new way of thinking. In what ways do you need to be less critical of yourself or others? In what ways do you need to stop settling or overextending yourself? Perhaps there are things that you just can’t fix – that’s OK, it’s probably best that you let go or move on.

You get an auspicious new moon this month in your sign that can help you connect with a more powerful, authentic and secure version of yourself. As ferocious Mars continues to travel through fair-minded Libra, your zone of money and values, you’ll be less likely to settle for less than what you want or deserve. When Libra season kicks off later in the month, this can be a time to align with work or projects that you value beyond just making money. The full moon in empowering Aries in your intimacy and security sector may help you find the strength to be vulnerable with someone or address an issue you’ve been avoiding.


September may have a stop-and-start quality to it. On the one hand, you’ve got ambitious Mars traveling through your sign, making you more impatient and restless than usual while Venus, your ruling planet, increases opportunities to socialize and network. On the other hand, you may have lots that you want to accomplish but little energy or focus to do it, thanks to Virgo season increasing your fatigue. At the same time, since Mercury is still retrograde until midmonth, it might be difficult to shut your brain off and not dwell on the past. Work with the new moon in Virgo to help you build a spiritual practice to clear and ease your mind.

Once the sun moves to Libra and gets your birthday season underway, you’ll find that you’ll have a lot more energy and enthusiasm. Rather than rushing headfirst into something new, you should focus your time and attention on doing things that feel restorative rather than just giving yourself more busywork to do. Basically, use this month as your personal reset button. The full moon in Aries, in your partnership zone, could give you the courage to say no more or pave the way for you to get the support or backup you need.


This month finds you reflecting on your goals and pondering your next steps. If you’re feeling stuck or stalled in any way, try not to fret. Now that active Mars is currently in Libra and in your zone of rest and retreat, you may not have your usual drive and ambition. Plus, with the help of Mercury retrograde, you may discover that your goals have changed or that you need to approach them differently.

As Virgo season continues, it also highlights your connection to your friends and community. Maybe you need to get more comfortable asking for support or maybe you need to embrace your position as a standout or a leader among your peers. Since attractive Venus will be back on track as it travels through dazzling Leo, your sector of career and fame, expect a lot of attention. Own your star power, because the new moon in Virgo could bring some new connections, fans or opportunities your way. Once Libra season arrives, you may be ready for a much-needed break. The Aries full moon in your work and wellness sector may underscore a need for more self-care or a desire to step away from energy-sucking work or commitments.


Although you’re an enterprising person, Mercury retrograde may be pushing you to be more thoughtful about your business plans and decisions. Instead of leaping aimlessly from one project to the next or giving yourself too much to do, you’re encouraged to get clear about your professional brand or mission. Having this kind of clarity will help you avoid getting overwhelmed. If you use the new moon in Virgo wisely, it could further your professional development, such as improving your skills, creating a plan you can stick to or making a career transition.

When the confident sun enters Libra, joining go-getter Mars in your social sector, you might be moved to team up with others for business, fun or a worthwhile cause. You might also decide to take a long break from social media or figure out ways that you can make it work better for you. However, this Libra season may also warn you against chronic overextension, pushing you to find a better balance between taking up the mantle for others and doing what you need to do for you. The full moon in Aries could mark a delightful time for romance, creative projects, and getting back in touch with your passions.


Travel, education, law or publishing may be an area of focus for you this month. Though with Mercury retrograde for half of September, there may be some hiccups or delays to deal with in these areas as well. However, know that Mercury retrogrades are wonderful for delivering moments of insight or helping us to correct course. In your case, maybe it’s time to challenge your current way of thinking. Maybe you need to let go of your need for certainty and take a risk. Whatever is coming up for you now, the new moon in Virgo encourages you to believe in yourself and all the good that the world wants to offer you.

As Libra season brings the focus to your zone of honors and prestige, you may be hungry for recognition or feeling more ambitious than usual, especially with determined Mars also traveling through Libra. However, with Venus, Libra’s planetary ruler, stationed in your zone of security and desires, any business moves that you make should come from the heart and soul instead of being driven by a need for external rewards. Expect the full moon in protective Aries to highlight the importance of honoring your innermost needs and trusting your gut.


Venus retrograde may have brought some ups and downs in your personal and professional relationships, but this month, much of that turbulence begins to smooth out. Still, as planets in Virgo (which includes Mercury retrograde) activate your zone of intimacy and security, it may create an opportunity for you to clear the air with someone or aid you in working through your unprocessed emotions. The Virgo new moon may usher in a period of rebirth or personal transformation. Perhaps you may be ready to start therapy, take control of your finances or take a relationship to a deeper level.

While you’re doing all of this intense, inner work you might find yourself feeling heavier or moodier than usual. Luckily, Libra season will be right on time, helping you to rediscover your sense of joy, adventure, and optimism. With the illuminating sun and analytical Mercury pushing you to probe and explore your depths, it will be nice to have the lightness of Libra season to help buoy you back up. Use this period to take a soul-nourishing trip, sign up for a mind-expanding class or pick up an inspiring read. At the end of the month, the full moon in Aries ignites your communication zone, amplifying your voice, ideas or your curiosity.


There may be communication issues or other concerns to work through while Mercury is retrograde in your partnership zone. That said, this retrograde can be useful for renegotiating contracts and agreements, both written and unwritten. This may be an opportunity to advocate for yourself or to create more room in your connections for open and honest discussion. Since Mercury retrograde tends to dredge up things from the past, you may receive clarity or closure with a previous situation. The new moon in Virgo could help you to start over with someone or bring a promising new relationship into your life.

Keep in mind that logical Virgo asks you to be discerning about who you allow into your inner sanctum. As assertive Mars continues its stay in partnership-oriented Libra, your zone of intimacy and transformation, you may need to be more protective of your heart, emotional energy or resources. When the sun moves to Libra later this month, joining Mars, it will empower you to face any fears that you have about being alone or unloved. The full moon in bold and confident Aries will encourage you to acknowledge and embrace your own worth so you’re not leaving it in the hands of someone else.

Mecca Woods is a New York City-based astrologer and author who helps others create a life they truly want using the gifts they were born with. Her writing and astrology-based guidance have appeared in places like Bustle, Essence, Cosmopolitan, and on TLC. Her books, “Astrology for Happiness and Success” and “The Astrology Journal: A Celestial Guide to Recording Your Cosmic Journey” are out now.


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We're Hiring for 2023. Get Hired Now for A Better Future Tomorrow.

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