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Make 2022 your best year yet and let this Moon Reading decode your destiny with precise wisdom you can’t find anywhere else!

Your June 2023 Horoscope — Andscape

Get This Before It Disappears!


Get This Before It Disappears!

Make 2022 your best year yet and let this Moon Reading decode your destiny with precise wisdom you can’t find anywhere else!

As the first day of June arrives, Gemini season will be in full swing, and the month kicks off with a rousing full moon in happy-go-lucky Sagittarius on the 3rd. If we’re looking for a feel-good moment, this can be an excellent time to get together with friends for some fun and laughter. There could also be a few blessings to look forward to as well.

Though Sagittarius is also a zodiac sign that’s connected to politics and global affairs, this Sagittarius full moon may also highlight the power of banding together to address issues like economic inequality and unfair wages. Cathartic Pluto re-enters mogul-minded Capricorn on the 11th, revealing the toll of rising authoritarianism and corporate greed so we can keep working together towards change.

Passion, courage, and the quest for unfettered joy will continue to be major themes this month as pleasure-seeking and values-driven Venus enters free and fearless Leo on the 5th. With Venus traveling alongside hot-blooded Mars throughout June, love and romance will sizzle, while fashion, music, and art could experience a much-needed revival. However, with these two planets turning up the heat, we’ll need to watch out for problematic egos and messy, emotional drama.

When Mercury enters Gemini on the 11th, our heads will be full of ideas, and our calendars full of appointments. With industrious Saturn going retrograde in Pisces on the 17th, this may not be the best time to overpack our schedule, start important projects, or make commitments. You may need to reassess your goals or push back plans. There may be responsibilities or projects you need to walk away from. In relationships, you may feel the need to reinforce your boundaries. A hazy new moon in Gemini, happening later that night, calls on us to be more mindful with our decision-making and to avoid the trap of hyper productivity. 

Come the 21st, summer begins and so does Cancer season. Although there will be three planets in Leo on that day, including the moon (the crab’s planetary ruler), the focus will be less on individualism and more on family and community. We’re encouraged to create, nurture, and sit in spaces where we feel seen, loved, and fed.

Key Dates

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 3
  • Venus enters Leo – June 5
  • Mercury enters Gemini – June 11
  • Saturn Retrograde in Pisces – June 17
  • New Moon in Gemini – June 17 (PST)/June 18 (EST)
  • Cancer Season begins – June 21


If you want to welcome something new into your life now, there might be some old stuff you need to release. Perhaps you need to let go of a certain way of thinking or the need for instant results. This task, while necessary, doesn’t discount the hard work you’ve already been doing. With an affirming full moon in Sagittarius headed your way, you could be celebrating a well-deserved win soon. 

Meanwhile, Venus and Mars in Leo will help you revive the joy in your life. Hit the dancefloor, plan activity dates, attend as many rooftop parties and summer festivals as you can. Do whatever makes your heart sing. If you’re hoping to spice up your love life, center fun and adventure. Get ready for a creative burst too. Though with Mercury in Gemini squaring off with depressing Saturn come mid-month and the Gemini new moon making things foggy, it will probably be best to hold off on big decisions until later in the month. When the sun in Cancer lights up your home life, having fun with family will be a balm for your soul.


The Sagittarius full moon could be an emotional one for you. Maybe there’s some feelings you need to air out or an uncomfortable truth you need to face. With fiery Mars in Leo in your home zone and Venus set to join Mars on the 5th, there could be some family-or-home-related drama to sort out in the coming weeks. But if you’re open to adopting new tools for dealing with the conflict, expect a positive outcome. Cancer season will be activating your zone of communication, ideas and learning, so there will be plenty of opportunity to work through blockages and put old issues to rest.

You could be feeling uncertain about the future under the foggy new moon in Gemini. However, if there’s anything you’ve been learning over the past few years, it’s how to ride the waves of change. With lucky Jupiter working on your behalf now, you’re encouraged to be optimistic about what’s to come and what you can build for your life. The meeting between Jupiter and Saturn on the 19th could give you a glimpse of what that looks like.


Relationships are spotlighted under the full moon at the beginning of the month. You might have a feeling that it’s time to walk away from a relationship that has gone as far as it can. Try not to stress about it too much because you’ll find it’s all for the best. It’s also possible that you could be celebrating a union or partnership if it’s one that aligns with your current path and truly feels fulfilling. With charming Venus joining active Mars on the 5th, you should find your social life picking back up again and your calendar filling up, too. 

But pay attention, Saturn going retrograde and a wonky new moon in your sign warns against spreading yourself thin. Under the new moon, you might be feeling confused, anxious, or drained. Sometimes a period of rest and reflection is needed before you move forward and hop onto the next thing. When the sun visits Cancer later this month and sets up shop in your zone of values and attachments, you’ll get help in getting clear on what’s really important, so you don’t waste time and energy on things that aren’t.


The start of the month brings attention to your zone of wellness and quality of life. Under the full moon, you may be inspired to make improvements to your lifestyle or end a toxic work situation. You might even receive an offer for a better job or some promising medical news. If you’ve been saddened by events happening in your community, the full moon might also be a call to action for you. Still, don’t commit yourself to too many projects because both the sun and Mercury in Gemini will be stationed in your zone of rest and retreat, encouraging you to take it easy. 

The vibe for mid-June may fall a little flat for you due to Saturn retrograde and an energy zapping new moon in Gemini. If you find yourself feeling down or discouraged around this time, Venus and Mars in fun-loving Leo will encourage you to spoil yourself however possible and to surround yourself with love and beauty. Your friendships will be particularly instrumental in helping you beat the blues. You’ll end up feeling a whole lot better once your birthday season arrives.


There’s some juicy, joyful energy to play with this month and it begins with the Sagittarius full moon on the 3rd. Under this moon you might be dancing the night away in celebration, enjoying a romantic evening out, reveling in a moment in the spotlight. On the 5th, yummy Venus teams up with Mars in your sign, which may have you ready for a glow-up. While Venus is in Leo this month, it can be a great time to get your hair done, revive your wardrobe or beauty routine, or take extra steps to nourish and care for your body. 

Since Gemini season will be bringing more activity to your social life, it will be important to balance how much time you’re spending with others and how much time you have for yourself. With a boundary-blurring new moon in your zone of friendship mid-month, you’ll need to avoid being vulnerable with the wrong people or allowing someone to manipulate your heart strings. Saturn retrograde will encourage you to be choosier about who gets your time and when. Look to Cancer season to enjoy some rest or happy solitude.


You may be focused on home or family at the start of June. The full moon in your home zone could bring developments concerning property or real estate, or you might be moving or relocating to a new space. On a more emotional level, you could be working on letting go of the past. With Venus and Mars in Leo traveling through your zone of endings and retreat, coupled with the start of Saturn retrograde, it might be necessary to let go of relationships or commitments that are no longer sustainable or fulfilling for you. 

This theme of letting go, or at the very least, taking a much-needed pause is highlighted again as Gemini season activates your zone of honors and recognition. While you may be eager to move on to your next goal or the next phase of your career, you may need to do some soul-searching first. Are you pursuing a goal and taking on the responsibility that comes with it because you really want to, or because you’re seeking outside validation? Cancer season offers the opportunity to recharge with friends as you ponder your objectives.


You might be discussing a job offer or having a needed conversation with your significant other about money matters at the start of the full moon. If you’ve applied for aid or funding, you could get approved. There may be a need to speak up for yourself, too. Though with Venus joining forces with Mars in Leo in your friendship zone, you’re reminded that there’s strength in numbers. This rule applies no matter if you need some love and encouragement from your day ones, or if you’re on the picket line.

As Gemini season unfolds, you may be pretty fired up about global and ethical issues. You also might be craving a change of pace. However, a muddling new moon may leave you questioning what you’re fighting for or what you want. As someone who often rushes to the front lines to help others or start new projects, this month may reveal the need to step back a bit and reassess your priorities. You can’t take up the mantle for every project and cause, and let’s face it — you need a break. Cancer season brings reward for the hard work you’ve done.


The moon in Sagittarius ignites your money zone. You could be sealing the deal on a business partnership or contract soon. With influential Venus entering Leo on the 5th, your star power increases. With Mars already in Leo since May 20th, driving up your confidence and ambitions, expect whatever career moves you make or goals you achieve to be met with success or approval. You’ll just need to make sure that you don’t let your fears or insecurities rob you of your moment in the sun, not just professionally but on a personal level, too. 

The Gemini new moon could hit you with pangs of self-doubt. Sometimes we try to keep ourselves safe from ridicule and rejection by playing small and hiding, but don’t be tempted to shrink yourself, Scorpio. Remember how hard you’ve worked and all you’ve been through to get where you are, even if you still have a way to go. Give yourself a moment of gratitude for making it this far. You deserve applause and appreciation. You also deserve some time off. Cancer season may be the perfect time for a vacation.


One of the most important relationships you have is the one you have with yourself, and if you haven’t been able to care for yourself as much as you’d like or you’re feeling neglected by others, the full moon in your sign encourages you to do what you can for your own happiness and wellbeing. Saturn’s retrograde through Pisces may reveal the ways you may need to reparent yourself with the love or stability that may have been missing in your childhood. Venus and Mars in Leo will help you in reconnecting to your adventurous, optimistic self. 

At the same time, Gemini season highlights the need for partnerships. You could be inspired to start working with a therapist or coach. And Mercury’s stay in Gemini could assist you with working through the fear of asking for help. As generous as you are, you can’t always be the hero. The energy-draining new moon in Gemini will make it abundantly clear where better boundaries and a stronger support system are needed. While the sun travels through Cancer, focus on your healing and cultivating connections with folks you can trust.


The message “let go and let God” seems to be fitting for you this month. The full moon in your zone of rest and retreat invites you to ease your worries about anything that may be coming to an end in your life or a situation working out in your favor. A leap of faith may be needed, perhaps in your career or your romantic life, to secure a win. Maybe you’re on a spiritual or healing journey and need to trust the progress you’re making. Whatever comes up for you now, know that all is unfolding as it should. 

If you’re dealing with a difficult situation, Venus’ move to Leo could aid you in securing the money, resources, or emotional support you need to get through it. However, a little vulnerability might be required on your part. As regenerative Pluto re-enters your sign on the 11th, and Saturn, your ruling planet, goes retrograde a few days later, you can face your fears and conquer them, too. With the sun in Cancer sending support to your relationship zone, you won’t have to do it all alone either.


The full moon on the 3rd centers on your friendships and associations. This could be a time of togetherness and solidarity, where you’ve found a place where you belong, maybe with a team or organization that you’ve joined. Too, you could be celebrated by your peers for the contributions you’ve made to your community. On another note, you may be feeling a sense of accomplishment in achieving a more personal goal.

Venus and Mars in Leo will be traveling together in your zone of partnership, which could bring new clients, collaborations, or people into your life. Love and romance may also blossom, too. You might be spending more time with your partner or putting yourself out there and dating more. Though with a beguiling new moon in Gemini happening mid-month, avoid settling in love and be wary of people that want to use your talent or popularity for their own personal gain. Self-worth will be something to reflect on under this Saturn retrograde. Utilize the power of Cancer season to get back to basics and create a daily routine that supports your mind, soul, and body.


You might be making quite a name for yourself this month as a big, bold full moon blazes through your zone of fame and honors. You could be the recipient of a prestigious award or public recognition. Perhaps you’ll have your come-up moment in your career or industry. Nevertheless, with Saturn going retrograde this month, you may have to be mindful of being too hard on yourself and worrying about what others might think of you. Use this retrograde to work on reframing negative self-talk and thinking.

The sun and Mercury in Gemini call on you to pay more attention to your inner voice and less to your inner critic. Meanwhile, Venus and Mars in Leo will be helping you to build confidence in yourself or your craft through patience and discipline. Just the act of working on something you believe in or care about can be self-affirming. However, when a taxing new moon in Gemini arrives later this month, use it as an opportunity to rest and meditate rather than steamroll ahead. You’ll have plenty of time to play, create, and show out once Cancer season begins.

Mecca Woods is a New York City-based astrologer and author who helps others create a life they truly want using the gifts they were born with. Her writing and astrology-based guidance have appeared in places like Bustle, Essence, Cosmopolitan, and on TLC. Her books, “Astrology for Happiness and Success” and “The Astrology Journal: A Celestial Guide to Recording Your Cosmic Journey” are out now.


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We're Hiring for 2023. Get Hired Now for A Better Future Tomorrow.

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