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Make 2022 your best year yet and let this Moon Reading decode your destiny with precise wisdom you can’t find anywhere else!

Your February 2024 Andscape horoscope — Andscape

Get This Before It Disappears!


Get This Before It Disappears!

Make 2022 your best year yet and let this Moon Reading decode your destiny with precise wisdom you can’t find anywhere else!

Change is inevitable, but it can be daunting. We might not know what to expect or what to do. But depending on the situation, change can be more liberating and refreshing than anxiety-inducing. However, in February, we might experience a mixture of all the above — unease, uncertainty, and excitement as six planets (including the sun and Pluto) visit unconventional Aquarius and shunt us toward change.

Intellectual Mercury is the first planet to move into Aquarius this month. Mercury in Aquarius inspires us to challenge old ways of thinking as it offers us the chance to take a fresh approach or a more progressive point of view. Meanwhile, a chaotic but energizing new moon aims to help us disrupt the norm, pushing us out of our comfort zone and into something completely new. With feisty Mars also in the mix, we can find the courage to veer off the beaten path, while Venus’ entry into Aquarius encourages us to connect and join forces with like-minded people for both personal and collective goals.

When the sun enters compassionate and inspirational Pisces later in the month, followed by mental Mercury, we’re invited to get out of our heads for a bit and drop down into our hearts and trust its wisdom. With the choices and moves that we make now, we’re called to not only seek our own fulfillment but to also think about ways that we can help others find theirs. We can look to the full moon in practical Virgo to reveal how we can care for ourselves and those around us without running ourselves into the ground.

Key Dates

  • Feb. 5 – Mercury enters Aquarius
  • Feb. 9 – New Moon in Aquarius
  • Feb. 13 – Mars enters Aquarius
  • Feb. 16 – Venus enters Aquarius
  • Feb. 18 – Pisces season begins
  • Feb. 23 – Mercury enters Pisces
  • Feb. 24 – Full moon in Virgo


You know how to make your own way. Though with multiple planets in friendly Aquarius traveling through your social sector this month, community will be the key to your success. Plan to catch up with some familiar faces. Connect with people who can aid you in furthering your goals as well as with those who share your passions and interests. Perhaps there’s a professional organization or humanitarian group you want to join, or a club dedicated to running, travel, or books that’s just for you. Look to the Aquarius new moon for help with networking and making new friends.

By mid-month, the sun enters dreamy Pisces, illuminating your zone of rest and retreat. Be mindful of social fatigue or overextending yourself to others. With feisty Mars and power-hungry Pluto in Aquarius possibly stirring up drama this month, it may be necessary to disengage from social media or distance yourself from fair-weather friends. When chatty Mercury also visits Pisces, avoiding petty arguments while taking time out to relax and reflect can help you protect your peace. The full moon in conscientious Virgo may give you a nudge to prioritize your well-being.


Your zone of fame and honors is lit up this month, thanks to a team of planets in Aquarius. If you’ve been thinking about pursuing a promotion or changing careers – go for it. Want to make a difference in your community or industry or bring more attention to your work? The new moon in Aquarius could pave the way for you to step into a leadership role or make a bigger name for yourself. Be confident about putting yourself in the spotlight. Know that your creativity and originality will help you to stand out the most.

When Pisces season arrives, it highlights your friendships and allies. With self-assured Mars and persuasive Venus joining forceful Pluto this month, you may be tempted to take a my-way-or-the-highway approach to get things done. While it’s important to embrace your individuality, be mindful of alienating people who could be a source of support for you. Still, a persnickety full moon in Virgo at the end of the month could bring up friction with a friend or a group to which you belong. Sometimes it’s better to choose your happiness rather than trying to please others.


Growth and opportunity are big themes for you this year and as a team of planets gather in free-spirited Aquarius in your zone of travel and exploration, life soon begins to take off. You may be doing tons of traveling this month or planning for an upcoming trip. Engaging in new but purposeful experiences will appeal most to you now, such as exploring your spirituality, challenging problematic ideologies, or touring unique places that you feel inspired to visit. Expect the Aquarius new moon to be a jumping-off point, helping you to shake off the past and embrace a new path.

Your career and reputation become the focus once Pisces season begins. You may have wisdom and expertise to share that inspires or motivates others in an impactful way, especially as Mercury, your planetary ruler, visits intellectually stimulating Aquarius and uplifting and insightful Pisces. Maybe February will bring you a teaching gig, speaking engagement, publishing contract, or a media opportunity. If you’ve been considering enrolling in classes for career advancement, it’s an ideal time to start. Just be careful of overcommitment. A stressful full moon in industrious Virgo reminds you that you can only juggle so much.


This month could be intense but ultimately empowering for you. With several planets traveling through independent Aquarius in your zone of transformation, there could be an opportunity to free yourself of something that’s been keeping you stuck in old patterns or emotions. Maybe you have wounds to heal, fears to face, or a way of life that you need to let go. If you’ve suffered a loss, February could be the start of your comeback story. Money and resources are also highlighted as the cosmos aims to help you magnetize what you desire and reshape your relationship with debt. The new moon in Aquarius will be beneficial for making a radical change in your life for the better.

When Pisces season gets underway, your mission will be to find and engage in experiences that fill you with hope, broaden your mind and help you see past your limitations. When communicative Mercury visits Pisces too, consider ways that you can use your words and wisdom to move and inspire others. Learning, teaching, or media could be avenues for you to advance professionally or make a positive impact. Meanwhile, the Virgo full moon could bring good news or open doors for you that were once closed.


Relationships are the focus, as planets in Aquarius activate your partnership sector. Collaborative projects or plans made with your partner might take precedence. There could be agreements to iron out or new connections to make. Maybe you’re thinking of bringing someone on board to help you reach a specific goal. The Aquarius new moon encourages you to move away from the DIY approach and enlist the help of others. On a similar note, if you’re considering a joint venture of any kind, ensure that it will truly be a win-win. Having planets form a tag team with domineering Pluto by mid-month could leave the door open for an uneven power dynamic within a connection.

As the sun travels through porous Pisces, watch how the role of guilt, insecurity, and other negative emotions seeps into your bonds with others. Perhaps you need to be more mindful of trying to rescue or control people. Too, there could be some fear to work through around trusting others. More self-compassion might be necessary. Later in the month, a money matter may arise. The full moon in analytical Virgo could aid you in getting expert help or strategizing a viable resolution.


February puts a pileup of planets in your sector of work and wellness, making it one of the busiest months of the year. Although it could be easy to pack your schedule full of stuff to do, Aquarius season will require you to veer away from your usual routine of hyperproductivity. As you’re pushed to revolutionize your relationship with work, caretaking, and your health, you may need more practice with delegating responsibilities, embracing your limitations, or creating a wellness regimen that’s truly sustainable for you and your body. The new moon in Aquarius can aid you in embracing this new way of life.

Pisces season will also give you a nudge in the right direction as it charges up your partnership zone later this month. Now’s the time to lean on support from others or at least start working up the courage to ask. Being human means that you don’t have to have all the answers or solutions. Mercury’s entry into Pisces will ensure that the help you need is within reach, while the full moon in your self-image sector paves a path for deeper self-acceptance and authenticity.


Work and family obligations may have taken up most of your time as of late. However, the universe aims to help you shake things up a bit, bringing quite a cosmic lineup to your zone of passion and fun. Six planets visit thrill-seeking Aquarius, each working to help you recapture your spark. Expect your energy and creative inspiration to increase as you’re encouraged to indulge in anything that brings you joy. Harness the new moon in Aquarius to jump-start an artistic project or a labor of love or to find romance. Engage with your sense of adventure. Rediscover what it’s like to have a lust for life. Venus, your planetary ruler, will also be sending you some positive vibes, bringing pleasurable experiences your way.

Later in the month, Pisces season arrives, highlighting your work and wellness zone. Making time for self-care and prioritizing your well-being will be the main theme for February, whether it’s doing something fun or taking care of the essentials. As detail-oriented Mercury travels through Pisces, it can assist you in getting organized and tackling your to-do list. Under the exhausting full moon in hardworking Virgo, a timeout may be much-needed.


Aquarius season activates your home and family sector. Spending quality time with loved ones or enjoying cozy nights indoors might be what you need most. With a new moon landing in this area of your life, you may be settling into a new home or on the search for one. If you’re looking for a place or dealing with a difficult housing issue, know there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Thinking about making your current space more comfortable or stylish? It’s a great time to start a DIY project. This month calls on you to nurture yourself too. Dealing with family baggage might also be necessary.

Although you might enjoy being with your kin or puttering around the house for much of February, when Pisces season hits you might find yourself craving a little more fun and excitement. Since pleasure-seeking Venus and your ruling planet Mars will still be in Aquarius during this time, you may not want to turn all the way up. However, engaging with your inner child or your creative or romantic self can lift your spirits. The full moon in thoughtful Virgo could be wonderful for a gathering with friends.


Expect life to quickly pick up as planets in energetic Aquarius breeze through your communication zone. You might be bursting with ideas or looking to turn one into something more concrete. Perhaps you’re interested in taking classes, launching a website, or starting a writing project. Harness the new moon to kick your plans into high gear. When active Mars arrives in Aquarius just a few days after the new moon, it will give you the drive and enthusiasm you need to see your intentions through. Venus in Aquarius will work to enhance your creative thought process and connect you with helpful people.

Of course, with all the opportunities, events, and projects coming up, take care not to stretch yourself thin. Meanwhile, with feisty Mars and forceful Pluto in the mix, you may also want to avoid letting petty slights and grievances, or a need to be right, create unnecessary drama. As Pisces season pushes you to take responsibility for your emotions and time out to chill, a crisis can be averted. Also, if you’ve been putting in the work, the full moon in industrious Virgo could bring you a professional or personal victory.


A good chunk of this month centers on money. As your income zone is visited by multiple planets in Aquarius, this can be an opportunity to increase your funds through a new job or a pay raise, or at the very least, gain easier access to resources that you need, even if it’s an unemployment check or severance pay. If you have been having issues with the job market or growing your savings account (and who isn’t?), the new moon in Aquarius can help your situation improve.

Yet with the cosmos putting so much emphasis on your value system now, know that you’re also beginning a lengthy transformation where your attitude about money is changing, which may affect how you choose to earn or approach it. All this aside, there are still opportunities out there. As Pisces season spotlights your communication zone, it can aid you with networking or pitching or developing ideas. Planets in Pisces will also inspire you to adopt tools or techniques that can benefit your mental health. Near the full moon in Virgo, a quick trip or getaway could be rejuvenating. You could also receive a big yes from the universe.


Your birthday season isn’t done just yet, nor are the blessings from the universe. There will be six – yes, SIX – planets in Aquarius all working on your behalf. With this kind of planetary power behind you, you’ll be virtually unstoppable. Whatever your plans or goals, this is your chance to make the impossible possible. You’ll have the drive, confidence, and brain power to make it happen. The new moon in your sign is extremely auspicious for starting a new chapter or phase in your life. Though as time flies by this month, make sure to check in with yourself frequently, staying in alignment with your heart and your intuitive wisdom versus acting out of panic, desperation, or insecurity.

With Pisces season bringing attention to your money and values, you could manifest a new job or resources that you need or discover just how truly worthy and valuable you are. As tempting as it might be to settle or just take what you can get, demand better, ask for more. The full moon in discerning Virgo pushes you to think more carefully about where you’re investing your energy and resources and with whom.


As you gear up for your birthday season, which is essentially your very own personal new year, you may need some time to rest, reflect on where you’ve been, and plan your next move. As planets in Aquarius filter through your zone of endings and retreat, expect to feel both drained and restless. Still, be careful of pushing yourself too hard, setting unrealistic goals, or stewing in regrets. Let whatever wants to leave your life go, and trust that you’re on your way to something better. Work with the new moon to deepen your spiritual practice and call on some blessings from your ancestors or spirit guides. Escape into art, solitude, or nature.

When the exuberant sun finally makes its way to Pisces, expect to feel more energized. Although you’re still feeling the weight of serious Saturn, and motivated Mars will still be in sleep mode, the universe will be providing you a clean slate to work with. When brainy Mercury also reaches Pisces, use it to map out a plan and reignite your inspiration. The time to act on those plans will soon come. In the meantime, the Virgo full moon could bless you with a guardian angel in the flesh.

Mecca Woods is a New York City-based astrologer and author who helps others create a life they truly want using the gifts they were born with. Her writing and astrology-based guidance have appeared in places like Bustle, Essence, Cosmopolitan, and on TLC. Her books, “Astrology for Happiness and Success” and “The Astrology Journal: A Celestial Guide to Recording Your Cosmic Journey” are out now.


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