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Make 2022 your best year yet and let this Moon Reading decode your destiny with precise wisdom you can’t find anywhere else!

Your August 2023 Andscape horoscope — Andscape

Get This Before It Disappears!


Get This Before It Disappears!

Make 2022 your best year yet and let this Moon Reading decode your destiny with precise wisdom you can’t find anywhere else!

August will bring opportunities for wins and shining moments, but with four planets currently retrograde and two more going retrograde later this month, progress will be slow. There may also be moments when we’ll feel like we’re not making much progress at all. The good thing about retrogrades, though, is that they give us the chance to pause and reflect so that we can determine the best steps for moving forward.

Despite the retrogrades, August is coming in hot with a staticky full moon in freedom-loving Aquarius. This moon can be useful for overcoming hurdles and self-imposed limitations. However, with Venus retrograde intensifying quality-of-life issues, this full moon may also stress the dire need for allyship and intersectionality within marginalized communities. Since Aquarius is also a community-driven sign that favors radical change, this celestial event encourages us to check any outdated and bigoted beliefs that we may have. We can expect this to be an ongoing theme when angry Mars visits fair-minded Libra later this month, bringing conflict over issues like economic and gender inequality to a fever pitch.

Change continues to be a theme when the new moon in daring Leo arrives midmonth. As Leo inspires us toward healthy self-expression, we might be ready to shed something we’ve outgrown to embrace a more authentic version of ourselves. Too, this new moon can also be useful for creative breakthroughs as well as finding the courage to try something new, even if it’s just for fun.

As the summer winds down and the first day of Virgo season arrives, Mercury retrograde arrives with it. Our attention will be less on fun and more on getting ready for the fall and tending to the nuts and bolts of our lives. As it often goes with the three weeks that Mercury is retrograde, it’s not a time for moving full steam ahead with plans so much as it is a time for review and revision. Meanwhile, a sobering full moon in dreamy Pisces at the end of the month calls on us to practice what we preach in terms of making the world a better place.

Key Dates

  • Full Moon in Aquarius – Aug. 1
  • New Moon in Leo – Aug. 16
  • Virgo Season begins – Aug. 23
  • Mercury Retrograde in Virgo – Aug. 23
  • Mars enters Libra – Aug. 27
  • Full Moon in Pisces – Aug. 30


The Aquarius full moon in your zone of groups and associations may garner you some fanfare from your community or success with any work that you’ve been doing, especially on behalf of others. Too, you could be motivated to get more involved with social causes that you care about. You might have a lot on your plate now, however. The new moon in playful Leo, coupled with Venus retrograde, reminds you to make time for fun. Just be mindful of making hasty financial or romantic decisions or ignoring what your body really needs under the guise of pleasure.

When Virgo season begins, your attention will be pulled back toward work and wellness and your daily routine. With the help of Mercury retrograde, you’ll be encouraged to reassess your priorities and self-care practices. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, the Pisces full moon may push you to step back from duties or obligations that are burning you out. All the while Mars’ entry into Libra, your partnership zone, will leave you with little patience for anyone impinging on your time and energy.


Opportunities for career advancement could arrive near the full moon in Aquarius, which might include advocating for better working conditions or pay at your job. On another note, you could receive public acclaim for your expertise or your professional contributions. With the Leo new moon activating your home zone, you could be considering changing your place of residence or making an addition to your family. If you’ve been estranged from family, the new moon could pave the way for reconciliation or an opportunity to reparent yourself.

Inner child healing may be something to explore when the sun gets to Virgo, your zone of play and creativity. When Mercury goes retrograde, you might rediscover hobbies or interests that you loved as a kid. This retrograde can also be superhelpful for getting through creative blocks or reviving creative projects that you might have shelved, though the goal is to have as much fun as possible. Mars’ stay in Libra, your work and wellness zone, warns you against overwork, while the full moon in Pisces underscores the need for a team.


You may need to release a limited way of thinking under the Aquarius full moon. Maybe you’ll have an enlightening travel experience or a revelation. There might also be an opportunity to speak or teach. As the new moon in bold and creative Leo activates your information sector, you might be inspired to refresh your skills or revisit a work in progress. Remember, however, that things like this take time. Don’t pressure yourself with an unrealistic timeline.

The busyness of Virgo season will underscore the importance of balancing your needs with those of your family and your professional obligations. With Mercury retrograde creating confusion in your zone of home and stability, you could feel frazzled or unsure of your next steps. You’ll need to engage (or perhaps reengage) with tools and techniques that can help you stay anchored, such as gentle lighting or breathing exercises. Look to Mars in Libra to help you blow off steam with fun and romance. At the end of the month, the full moon in Pisces may mark a turning point with your career.


You might be presented with a moment of truth at the full moon in unpredictable Aquarius. It may be necessary to have a heart-to-heart with someone you love or deal with an issue that’s beyond your control. However, this may be a chance to end something that’s no longer sustainable, so that you can build anew, heal, or enjoy true intimacy. If you need a self-esteem boost, the new moon in confident Leo wants you to remember your worth. The new moon can also aid you in getting clear about your values.

Though if you’re slow to find clarity or make up your mind this month, don’t fret. Having Mercury retrograde in your information zone could lead to doubt and indecision. You may also need to watch out for messy misunderstandings, particularly while Mars visits Libra, which could stir up family- or home-related aggravation for you. It’s a good thing Virgo season will be helping you master lessons in patience, objectivity, and effective communication. Additionally, call on the wisdom of the Pisces full moon to help you cut through the noise and align with what’s meaningful.


The full moon in community-minded Aquarius lights up your relationship zone at the start of the month. You may be considering a business partnership. If so, make sure the contract works for you. This full moon could also make any control issues in your relationships glaringly obvious as well. You may need to do some deep digging to get to the root of them. By midmonth, the cosmos gifts you a helpful reset with the new moon in Leo. Use it to practice more radical self-love, like healing your relationship with your body image or learning how to stop people-pleasing. Let this moon be a love letter to yourself.

When the sun enters Virgo, your financial zone, Mercury retrograde begins too. There may be issues with your cash flow, so count your coins and hold off on expensive purchases. When angsty Mars gets to diplomatic Libra, your communication zone, it can help you supercharge your skills and ideas. However, do be mindful of spreading yourself thin or getting sucked into unnecessary drama. Look to the full moon in transcendent Pisces to aid you in overcoming your fears.


Under the full moon on the 1st, it might be necessary to scale back on how much you’re extending yourself so that you can devote time and energy to projects and interests that are just for you. Since you’ll have Mercury retrograde kicking off your birthday season, it will be important to rethink your direction or any plans you’re working on. Give yourself permission to change your mind or back out of anything that no longer resonates with you.

The new moon in passionate Leo will be activating your zone of rest and spiritual values, encouraging you to take time to feed your soul and release whatever doesn’t. Additionally, this new moon, coming just before a Mercury retrograde, may also teach you the value of surrender. There are just some things that you can’t control, and that’s OK. Later, when speedy Mars enters luxury-loving Libra, watch for excessive spending or sudden expenses. Do use Mars in Libra to advocate for fair wages or what’s rightfully owed to you. Cracks in a relationship may reveal themselves at the Pisces full moon. It may be time for some unflinching honesty.


As multiple planets in busy Virgo continue to travel through your zone of rest this month, your bandwidth (and sleep) might be limited. That’s why the full moon in thrill-seeking Aquarius encourages you to take a well-deserved time-out to enjoy yourself. Also call on this full moon for support if you need a creative push or a self-affirming reminder of who you are. With cooperative Venus still retrograde, there may be drama to address within your social circle. The Leo new moon could assist you with repairing or strengthening the connections you have or pave the way for better.

When hot-tempered Mars enters Libra, though, you might find yourself with an ax to grind. While Mars is good for confidence-building and fighting for what you believe in, it will still be important to pick and choose your battles. Mercury retrograde in your zone of rest could stir up anxiety or cloud your thinking, so avoid making snap judgments and give yourself space to de-stress. The full moon in Pisces in your wellness zone may point to a need for better wellness habits or working conditions.


The beginning of the month might be a little touchy with the full moon in Aquarius illuminating issues concerning your home and family. Perhaps there’s some smothering family dynamics you need to free yourself from or maybe you’re in a living situation that’s run its course. Either way, the goal of this full moon is to help you put a cap on anything that may be interfering with your happiness or your ability to achieve your goals.

Your ambitions take center stage by midmonth when a new moon in superstar Leo energizes your zone of honors and recognition. You might be ready to rebrand your business or take your professional life in a new direction. If you’re feeling like you don’t yet have the reputation you deserve, you may need to work through self-doubt or get back in touch with your core mission. During Mercury retrograde, reassess your goals and how you can best impact your community. While Mars travels through Libra, your zone of rest, slow down and catch your breath. The full moon in Pisces may show you how to get out of your own way.


You might be juggling myriad appointments, projects, and thoughts with a buzzy full moon in Aquarius supercharging your zone of information and ideas. This full moon may reveal the repercussions of doing too much or leave you longing for a change of pace or scenery. When the new moon in enthusiastic Leo arrives, expect your thirst for learning and adventure to be reignited. Even if you can’t fly away right now, perhaps you can save up for a trip or find inexpensive daycation ideas. Too, it might be ideal to return to school or take up a course to build on what you already know.

As Mercury retrograde impacts your career zone, it may help to develop or broaden your skills, reevaluate your branding or messaging, or revisit your business plan. If you’re under contract, maybe it’s time to renegotiate. Be wary of getting into pointless online feuds while pot-stirring Mars travels through Libra, your social sector, as you might not like the blowback. The full moon in introspective Pisces invites you to focus on more important matters such as family or your emotional well-being.


You could have a financial reason to celebrate when the full moon in Aquarius activates your zone of money and values at the start of the month. Maybe you’ll find success with a creative venture or idea, or someone will want to bring you on as a consultant. By midmonth, the new moon in Leo sends some cosmic support to your zone of intimacy and security, which can be useful for sorting out your finances, processing grief, or working on trust issues.

Come late August, Virgo season kicks off and so does Mercury retrograde. Consider using the retrograde to reexamine your ideologies or deepen your understanding. Note that traveling could be a pain at this time, so be prepared. When confident Mars enters Libra, your career zone, you could be ready to move on from your current position, advance in your profession, or even coordinate a strike. Try to avoid giving yourself more responsibility than you can afford to take on, though. With the full moon in intuitive Pisces illuminating your information zone, you might need a detox from the news or social media.


The full moon in Aquarius asks you to check in with yourself. How are you feeling? You may need to give yourself more grace or care. As Venus retrograde continues, you may be working to find a better balance between showing up for yourself and showing up for others. With the new moon in Leo joining up with loving Venus midmonth, it could be a chance to forge healthier relationships. If you haven’t been feeling supported or appreciated, the new moon can help you advocate for yourself. It could also assist you with being a better partner or friend, too.

As multiple planets in Virgo, which includes Mercury retrograde, visit your zone of intimacy and security, it can be an ideal time for having a heart-to-heart or exploring your emotional needs and triggers. Since money will also be a focus, review your financial plan and update it accordingly. You may get a thirst for adventure as enthusiastic Mars blazes through pleasure-seeking Libra, your zone of expansion and growth. Get out and explore. Meanwhile, the Pisces full moon aims to help you heal your insecurities.


You may be motivated to move on from something you’ve outgrown or no longer holds meaning for you at the Aquarius full moon. If there’s something you’ve been refusing to deal with, this full moon might deliver a reality check. Take heart though, as it’s an opportunity to get back into the driver’s seat of your life. Look to the new moon in determined Leo to help you with restoring your mind-body connection or creating a more manageable daily routine. Your relationship zone will be a hot spot once Virgo season begins, and Mercury goes retrograde. There could be conflict or communication issues to work through, discussions to revisit, or agreements to renegotiate. Avoiding petty bickering and drama may require taking responsibility for your actions or feelings or setting better boundaries for yourself. As moody Mars journeys through Libra, your zone of intimacy and security, you’ll be encouraged to take back your power from anything keeping you emotionally depleted or stuck. The full moon in your sign at the end of the month reminds you that you are the captain of your own ship and a force to be reckoned with.

Mecca Woods is a New York City-based astrologer and author who helps others create a life they truly want using the gifts they were born with. Her writing and astrology-based guidance have appeared in places like Bustle, Essence, Cosmopolitan, and on TLC. Her books, “Astrology for Happiness and Success” and “The Astrology Journal: A Celestial Guide to Recording Your Cosmic Journey” are out now.


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We're Hiring for 2023. Get Hired Now for A Better Future Tomorrow.

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