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The Great Outdoor Series returns to Denver, Colorado, where we’ve been road tripping, visiting different Black organizations across the nation that are on the mission to change the narrative of Black and brown people thriving in nature.

This week, our solo travel queen Ciara Johnson is joining Eeland Stribling from Brown Folks Fishing for some fly fishing.

Ciara Johnson joins Eeland Stribling from Brown Folks Fishing for some fun at Evergreen Lake in Denver, Colorado.

Launched in the spring of 2018, Brown Folks Fishing was created to expand the access that Black and brown folks have to the fishing industry. BFF’s goal is to reclaim the narrative, maintaining that our people do indeed have deep roots and connections to the land, the lakes and the outdoor community. They want to make everyone feel at home in the water. 

Eeland Stribling from Brown Folks Fishing in Denver, Colorado, shares tips and insights with Ciara Johnson.

The work that Brown Folks Fishing continues to do will bring new prospects for adventure and hopefully encourage more people to hit the waves near them for a therapeutic, fun time. 

With her fly fishing necessities in tow and her instructor by her side, check out this episode of The Great Outdoor to see if Ciara had any luck catching fish at Evergreen Lake. 

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