“This moment in American history demands that progressive voices play a central role in the national conversation around a whole range of issues. The future is now. For too long, the voices of Black people, other people of color, women, and progressives were left out of that conversation, and our country has suffered as a result. We are living in a time when people, especially millennials and Generation Z, are demanding socially-conscious solutions from governments and corporations,” Turner said back in September. “We can build a better country and a more just society by engaging with each other in a meaningful way on the root causes of societal problems. That starts with ensuring our voice is heard from the streets of our forgotten cities to the roads of rural communities to Main Street America, and finally, to the halls of power in the public and private sectors.”

Turner on Tuesday congratulated Fudge for Biden picking her and suggested the secretary-designate has the know-how to properly confront the worsening housing crisis in America.